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The health of the animal upon arrival is vital for the safety and well-being of the dog concerned. Please read the following which outlines our policy.

All dogs should be on a regular fleaing program. Any dog that we find has got fleas will be treated with a suitable flea shampoo. We reserve the right to refuse grooming where this may cause a problem to other dogs or staff.

It is advisable that all dogs are vaccinated and given a booster each year. If a dog is brought to the salon that has not been vaccinated then the owner must accept bringing the dog to the salon at his or her own risk and the company cannot be held responsible.

Matted Dogs
Upon consultation it may be advised that a coat needs to be clipped as it may be too matted to groom. I am a fully trained and humane dog groomer and will not discomfort a dog with hours of de-matting. If the particular dog suffers from bad matting then it would be advisable to book regular appointments to avoid further clipping of the coat in the future. Particularly during the Winter months a warm coat may be needed by the dog!

We reserve the right to not groom a dog if it is clearly unwell upon arrival.

Veterinary Attention
On registration with us, all owners will be asked for an emergency contact number, in the event that the dog requires veterinary attention at any point whilst in our care.

If a dog is in need of veterinary care the owner will be contacted immediately to inform them if this fact. If the owner is unreachable on the number provided then the dog will be taken to its local vet for medical attention.

However, in the case of an emergency, the salon's registered veterinary practise will be used.