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Despite all efforts and care to ensure that your dog is looked after well and is perfectly happy during the grooming session, grooming can be a stressful procedure to some dogs, particularly elderly or frail dogs.

Healthy elderly dogs are welcome and will be carefully groomed and assisted but this will be at the risk of the owner. If the dog is clearly too weak, the owner may be asked to seek veterinary advice or stay to comfort the dog whilst it is groomed.

As dogs grow older they may lose their sight and/or hearing and great care will be taken to ensure the dog does not become distressed in any way.

They will be able to move around in their own time and given plenty of space and friendly encouragement.

They will have constant access to water and be given frequent toilet breaks.

Whilst being groomed they will not be required to stand for long periods at a time and may even be allowed to sit and lie down whilst being groomed.

They will be assisted and given friendly encouragement at all times.