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We know how hard it can be to leave your dogs with a stranger, which is why we can guarantee that your dog will get the highest levels of personal care and attention.

The information here outlines our policies for ensuring that your loved pet is safe, well and cared for.

Safety In The Salon
Safety in the salon is very important. To ensure the salon is a safe place for your dog, we enforce the following rules:

All equipment will be clean and safe to use.
Windows and doors are secure, suitable clothing and footwear worn.
All dogs will be safety secured when grooming and bathing,
We do not use painful or harmful methods of restraints, nor do we use sedatives.
The dog will never been left unattended whilst in the bath or on the table.
Any overhanging wires are secured.
The Health and Safety Act 1974 abided to whilst grooming.
The floor area will be clear, clean and dry.
All equipment used correctly.
Hands sanitized before and after grooming.
All tools and tables sterilized after use.

In order to ensure the welfare of you animal, we abide by and entirely support "the RSPCA 5 Freedoms":

1) Freedom from fear and distress
2) Freedom from pain, injury and disease
3) Freedom from hunger and thirst
4) Freedom from discomfort
5) Freedom to express most normal behaviour

Each dog with be placed in a pet-friendly cage before and after grooming.

If a dog is clearly distressed by the blaster dryer they may be cage dried to avoid unnecessary distress.

A dog that is clearly petrified by the whole experience may be returned to their owner un-groomed.

All dogs will be groomed humanely with no pain or discomfort. Each dog should be vaccinated in order to avoid catching disease.

Each dog will be given fresh, clean bedding and fresh water regularly. Any dog that is required to be fed whilst in our care will be fed on condition that food is left at the same time as the dog.

Each dog will have it's own space and dogs will be placed in appropriately sized cages in order that the dog may stand up and turn around with ease whilst waiting to be groomed or to be collected by the owner. Each dog will be taken to the toilet regularly. It is advisable for owners to exercise and toilet their dog prior to bringing the dog to the salon.