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Puppies should not be brought for grooming until they are a minimum of 4 months old. At this point it would be a good age to introduce them to the groomer and build up their confidence in the salon to get them used to being groomed and get familiar with all of the different brushes and tools such as the dryer.
By prior arrangement, we encourage the owner to stay with the puppy on the first visit to the salon to help in making this, perhaps the most important visit, an enjoyable experience for the puppy.

Young dogs can be very excitable and fidget a lot on the table. These dogs will be handled in a calm and patient way.

The puppy should have had all its vaccinations and puppies that have not been vaccinated will NOT be groomed for their own safety.

Puppies tend to keep their puppy coats for quite a while and a very sensitive puppy shampoo will be used to wash the puppy rather than the conventionally stronger, more concentrated shampoos.

Grooming is essential for young dogs as it allows bonding with the dog and gets the dog used to being brushed and handled. It also makes life easier for the vet as the dog is used to being handled and touched.

Puppies will be housed in a suitably sized cage if necessary and given plenty of fresh water and clean bedding. They will also have frequent toilet breaks and if the owner requests a small feed can be given if the food is left at the time of bringing the dog to us.

Owners are asked to brush the dog between visits to keep the dog used to being handled and brushed.

Owners are asked to toilet the pup immediately before visits.