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The management and welfare of the animals is very important, therefore this policy outlines how the animals will be managed and looked after.

There will be pet-friendly cages at the premises in which to house the animals before and after they have been groomed. Housing is only necessary when the owner is not able to pick the dog up as soon as the dog is finished. Not all dogs will need to be caged. If a dog becomes distressed because of being housed in a cage then other, suitable arrangements will be made. The cages will be in a dry, warm and ventilated room. Each cage with have its own clean bedding and water. Dogs will be caged separately unless otherwise requested by the owner.

Fresh Water / Feeding
All cages will have fresh water in them and be replenished on a regular basis.

If we are required to house a dog for a longer period of time then arrangements will be made to feed the dog if the owner requests it and a nominal fee will be charged.

Toilet Breaks
If dogs are housed for more than 2 hours, they will need a toilet break or simply an opportunity to stretch their legs. They will be allowed to toilet in a secure area with no other animals. Elderly dogs and puppies will be toileted more frequently. Owners are asked to toilet their dog before bringing them to the salon.

Exposure to Other Dogs
Under no circumstances will dogs be allowed to physically interact with each other.

Aggressive / Anti-Social Dogs
Certain breeds of dog can be aggressive or anti-social to both humans and other dogs and will be approached with caution, especially in the presence of their owners as they may be very protective of the person.

Owners will be asked if the dog has any aggressive tendencies and such behaviour will be documented when the owner drops the dog off. If the animal is known to be aggressive to humans, it will be muzzled if deemed necessary. If the dog is posing a danger to the groomer, a member of staff or itself it will be returned to its owner.

Minimising Distress
Every effort will be made to minimise distress to all dogs throughout their visit to the salon. If a dog gets particularly distressed with any aspect of the salon visit then every effort will be made to reduce the distress. Dogs that do not respond positively will be returned promptly to their owners who will be offered advice on how to perform routine grooming at home for the dog's own benefit.