It is very important that a dog is groomed regularly and properly.

Grooming is an essential part of owning a dog.

It is important that a dog receives regular grooming in order to maintain a healthy coat and skin whilst checking the health of the dog and building a strong relationship.

It is important to remove dirt and debris from the coat and skin as this all contributes to detrimental effects to the dogs well being. Dogs with long or dense coats may need more attention in order to prevent matting of the coat and the coat becoming excessively soiled.

Health and Hygiene
Regular grooming will keep the coat and skin in good condition. It also promotes the well being of the dog. A clean healthy dog is a happy dog.

A lot of owners take pride in the appearance of their dog and like them to look neat and tidy at all times. Many people like their dogs to be groomed to the exact breed standard.

Regular grooming also allows opportunity to give the dog a health check and check for any abnormalities such as warts or infections. It is also an opportunity to check for fleas or any other parasites.

Regular grooming allows you to spend time with your dog and build a strong relationship. It also makes the dog comfortable with the fact that grooming is a nice experience and not one to cause distress.

Many dogs are entered into shows and may require specialist grooming to achieve the breed standard style.