All prices quoted are for well behaved dogs and dogs that have coats in a reasonable condition. There is a minimum extra charge of 5.00 for excessively knotted or matted dogs and dogs taking more time/work than would otherwise be expected. Where possible you will be advised at the beginning of the consultation of extra costs, however it is not always possible until actually working on the dog that the work involved can be priced accordingly.

All 4 Paws Pamper

Small: From 10.00 Medium: From 12.50
Large: From 15.00 X-Large: From 20.00

Groomed Out, Bathed & Dried, Tidied, Finished With Fragrance.



Full Groom

Small: From 20.00 Medium: From 25.00
Large: From 30.00 X-Large: From 40.00

Groomed Out, Bathed & Dried, Styled to kennel club breed standard or owners preference, Finished With Fragrance.

Nails Clipped From 4.00